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Be a party hostess!

Hungarian girls are famous around the world about their beauty. Maybe that’s why many of them choose to be a party hostess. To be a party hostess is not an easy job, but for a good looking, charming girl, who likes clubs and parties, it will be just tight!

For pretty and young girls who are over 18 this is the perfect choice. They can do it by school, and the salary isn’t comparable with a student job’s salary, this kind of service is increasingly gaining ground in Budapest. Besides they have to be beautiful, all they have to do is having fun in a highbrow way and humour to the costumers.

So how to be a party hostess? It is very easy: apply to Pure Party Hostess Agency, who provide the best party hostess jobs in Budapest. Correct payment, secure conditions, that’s how they are working, and that’s why they have so many happy, beautiful hostesses, and off course satisfied costumers.

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Who could become a good party hostess?

Party hosstesses are making the costumer’s pleasure better with their company and appearance. That’s why partyhostesses has to be attractive, pretty,nice  girls and they should be a good judge beacuse they meet a lot of different characters. In the ideal case the hosstess conform to the style of the costumer so patience is impeccable.

Most of the costumers is a businessman, so the elegance style is important. A party hostess has to know the right decency and the frames of a special conversation.

But speaking a language is important too beacuse almost the 100% of the costumers is a foreigner. The costumer usually meet the girls at the restaurant of the hotel and from there they’re going to the program which is most of the time an exclusive club somewhere in Budapests downtown, dinner or sightseeing.


Why is good to work as a party hostess?

partyhostess-vip-service-budapestThe hungarian woman are famously beautiful, and a lot of them is using this advantage to work as a party hostess.

But it’s not easy to get in a good hostess agency: neat looking, perfect body and fashionable appearance is not enough, becuse we need english or german speaking girls with communication skills.

There’s a lot of difference between the product promoters in supermarkets and the party hostesses. If you are able to perform this expectations below, you can make a lot of money in a few hours with pleasant work. This task is fitting best with girls who are spending the nights at clubs anyway. For them being a partyhostess isn’t hard, they are don’t even looking at like this is a work. After the preparations, they are going to a club in perfect make-up, they are pretty and fresh just like they would going to a party… because actually they are going to a party!



What does it mean to be a party hostess?

hot-party-hostess-girls-budapestThe hostesses of Pure Party Hostess are not regular hostesses. They are pretty, intelligent, english speaking and sexy girls, who are going to clubs and having fun with the customer. Their task is different, they are not ordinary hostesses who’s promoting products, their main profile is make the party a lot better with their appearance and company. Every girl can join our team who is attractive, pretty, nice and english speaking.

The partyhostess have to dress to the situation, if the costumer is going to an elegant, important party, then in elegant clothes, or if the event dictates then in coctail dress. Naturally a confident language knowledge is an expectation, because almost 100 percent of the costumers is a foreigner. They have to know the decency, the rules of the right appearance and the frames of a pleasant conversation. The party hostesses usually waiting the costumer at a hotel and then they’re going to a club together.


Party Hostess time!

10338246_266811586840035_7953037401521311127_nThey are the new generation of hostess girls. Those girls don’t offer erotic service, but they are perfect escorts in the traditional way: they are beautiful, always dressed suitable to the occasion. They are well-mannered, have good communicaton skill, speak at least one foreign language. Therefore anyone can be happy to appear with them…

Most of the clients are foreign, well-to-do businessmen, who visit Budapest only for few days with no women-company. At day time they manage their business things, but from the evening they are ready to relax with a sexy hostess girl for example in a restaurant, than they go out to a trendy club.
Often they order not only one, but like a bunch of hostesses to make sure a fantastic night out – this way everbody use to be much more easy, couse the athmosphere is cooler.
So if anyone would “forget home” his girlfriend, enough to call agency of Pure Party Hostess.