The Szent István Basilica is one of the most beautiful ecclesiastic monuments. It’s named after the founder of our state. To implementing the curch the collection has been started in 1810, but the constructions started in 1851 based on the plans of Hild József. At the square in front of the Basilica there are a lot of restaurants and clubs.



The Parlament built in neo-gothic style, today this is one of the best-known buildings in the UNESCO world heritage. The beautiful building is situated at the Pest side of the Danube. Since 2000 instead of Nemzeti Múzeum you can see here the Szent Korona.


Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad vára is situated at Városliget, earlier built mainly of wood, but it rebuilt with relasting materials. It’s ideal for pleasant walks, you can connect it with the shore of the Városligeti tó.



One of the best-known monuments of Budapest, where a lot of movie and video clip was recorded. You can see the beautiful panorama of Budapest from the neoromanesque lookout terraces.


Heroes’ Square

The biggest square in Budapest, which is a UNESCO world heritage site along with Andrássy street. It’s near to Városliget. You can tie together a walk with a visit to Vajdahunyad vára. The square is decorated with column groups, in the middle Archangel Gabriel.


Buda Castle

As a part of the UNESCO world heritage, the Budai vár situated in the castle district in Buda. This part of the city surrounded by walls, which is also the limit of the district. Beautiful panorama, excellent restaurants, souvenir shops.