Who could become a good party hostess?

10616196_732939620154111_1542791320671458028_nParty hosstesses are making the costumer’s pleasure better with their company and appearance. That’s why a partyhostess has to be attractive, pretty,nice and they should be a good judge beacuse they meet a lot of different characters. In the ideal case the hosstess conform to the style of the costumer so patience is impeccable.

The bigger part of the costumers is a businessman, so the elegance style is important. A partyhostess has to know the right decency and the frames of a special conversation.

But speaking a language is important too beacuse almost the 100% of the costumers is a foreigner. The costumer usually meet the girls at the restaurant of the hotel and from there they’re going to the program which is most of the time an exclusive club somewhere in Budapest’s downtown, dinner or sightseeing.