Party Hostess time!

10338246_266811586840035_7953037401521311127_nThey are the new generation of hostess girls. Those girls don’t offer erotic service, but they are perfect escorts in the traditional way: they are beautiful, always dressed suitable to the occasion. They are well-mannered, have good communicaton skill, speak at least one foreign language. Therefore anyone can be happy to appear with them…

Most of the clients are foreign, well-to-do businessmen, who visit Budapest only for few days with no women-company. At day time they manage their business things, but from the evening they are ready to relax with a sexy hostess girl for example in a restaurant, than they go out to a trendy club.
Often they order not only one, but like a bunch of hostesses to make sure a fantastic night out – this way everbody use to be much more easy, couse the athmosphere is cooler.
So if anyone would “forget home” his girlfriend, enough to call agency of Pure Party Hostess.