What does it mean to be a party hostess?

hot-party-hostess-girls-budapestThe hostesses of Pure Party Hostess are not regular hostesses. They are pretty, intelligent, english speaking and sexy girls, who are going to clubs and having fun with the customer. Their task is different, they are not ordinary hostesses who’s promoting products, their main profile is make the party a lot better with their appearance and company. Every girl can join our team who is attractive, pretty, nice and english speaking.

The partyhostess have to dress to the situation, if the costumer is going to an elegant, important party, then in elegant clothes, or if the event dictates then in coctail dress. Naturally a confident language knowledge is an expectation, because almost 100 percent of the costumers is a foreigner. They have to know the decency, the rules of the right appearance and the frames of a pleasant conversation. The party hostesses usually waiting the costumer at a hotel and then they’re going to a club together.